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released March 13, 2016



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Father Rat

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Track Name: DRIP HOE$ -feat. DJ Pillbug
Gargle on this pee pee hoes, til that shit comes out your nose. Drown in Cheeto dust that smells and send those titties back to hell. Bitch wash yo ass cause it be stinkin.go to the club and then start drinking.forget about your worthless dumbass life.I feel sorry for the nigga that makes you wife.skank ass hoes runnin round with their twats out.I hurt your feelings bitch?just don't scream or shout.don't like the truth well then blow ya brains out.face the truth bitch I slept with your grandma.cut off her head now put it on a see saw.oh my god is that too far bitch.keep on complaining you'll end up in a ditch.yeah I fuck everything that draws breath.one day closer to sweet sweet death.yeah I'm a little obsessed with sex.bitch ass niggas always flappin they gums.pull out my cock and everyone runs.go tell he cops or the FBI.you know i been looking for a reason to die.raw ass dick creepin up that asshole.every single night you know I smash hoes.rip off my dick and then I throw up.can't ride with me unless you gotta C cup.don't get me wrong I don't wanna be rude.but goddamn nigga its the life I choose.gotta small dick but the bitches lovin it.go to Micky D's and then start shovin it.up that ass.up that puss.dumb ass hoe I'm smokin that kush.take a little toot.take a little puff.sittin around thinkin bout that muff.remember when I said I had a small dick.don't matter bitch just wait till you taste it.tastes like roadkill sittin there for 3 days.keep on cryin bitch.you gonna see rage.back and forth hoe.in and out.rub it all day but don't you pout.now its time for me to go.now I gotta leave.don't come back till your ready for pee.